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Evidence-based Behavioural Modification Services

Your child is unique, we individualize Behaviour Intervention Plan, communicate with parents constantly, and provide 1-1 training for your child. We take data, graph them and analyze the date so you can see the your child's learning progress and the treatment outcomes clearly.

Using Behavioural Science Technology teaching techniques, children will improve their positive social behaviours and increase their self-confidence while learning in an interactive and fun group environment.

We collaborate with school, come up with an individualized Behaviour Intervention Plan and provide 1-on-1 additional support to the student in school setting.

Direct collaboration with caregivers and provide hands-on trainings for them, so they can work with their children independently and most effectively.


A book about practical and effective teaching strategies and tools written by Miss Tiffany for parents and/or teachers to use.

Consultation on your child's current skill level, learning programs or consultations with other professionals such as Teachers, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc.

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Social Skills Groups that target on improving children's confidence and various social skills through different fun and interesting play activities. 

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Instructional videos on ABA principles and evidence-based teaching strategies,

with 1-1 direct training provided by BCBA.

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In-Person/ Online Seminar for Parents or Teachers

Topics on improving various skills in children such as compliance, listening to instructions, completing homework, emotion regulation, etc. 

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