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My Story

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Psychology, Science & Passion.

My Story

I love psychology! I knew working in the psychology field would be my destiny after graduation. I was so determined that I chose to do all things psychology- doing a  Psychology Specialist degree in UofT instead of a double major one like what everyone else was doing at the time! I honestly believe that when people dive deeper into the ocean of psychology knowledge, they will be able to understand more about their own and others' perspective and behaviours, and be more willingly in accepting each other's differences.

My current goal is to promote Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in Hong Kong because I have seen how effective it was when I worked with children and adults with special needs back in Canada and it is sad to see that the general population in Hong Kong had never heard of such amazing and effective therapy before. I wholeheartedly think that every child deserves to have the chance to benefit from such effective intervention.


Please remember that neuroplasticity occurs between ages 0-5, our brains' capacity can be changed in response to learning experiences, environmental cues and repeated exposure to stimuli, meaning that our children's brains can form new neural pathways during this critical period. Therefore, young children can unlearn negative habits and routines at a faster rate and replace them with good, positive habits (National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2014). 

What does it mean?

Act now before it's too late!

Early intervention is key.


There's always light, you just have to see it. 

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