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Happy Baby

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Miss Tiffany Behavioural Consultancy

相信科學 • 相信專業

There is always light.

Our Therapy


Miss Tiffany has devoted many years to working with children who have behavioural problems, autism, ADHD and various developmental delays in home, centre and school settings.


We only practice teaching strategies that have been scientifically proven to be effective.

Positive Learning Environment

We create a safe and welcoming atmosphere​ for children. Students learn best when they view the learning environment as supportive and positive.


Our past clients went from non-verbal to verbal, from having zero social skills to enjoying social interactions. With our support, they are able to participate and thrive in mainstream schools.

Miss Tiffany


Miss Tiffany has a strong passion for working with children with various needs in different settings and empowering caregivers to improve their family's quality of life. She has published a book on practical ABA teaching strategies and tools for parents and teachers, and she has hosted seminars in kindergartens and webinars for caregivers. Tiffany also shares effective parenting tips on social media platforms (FB/IG/ on a regular basis.


Miss tiffany is a very experienced Bcba and she can identify training needs precisely. She is willing to give feedback and recommendations on kid's behavior problems. Willing to listen and discuss developmental goals. My kid shows great improvement in a very short period of time. (3 months)


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